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Cherry has put together an exhaustive (in more ways than one) guide to missions up and down the state.  -- The Sacramento Bee


This guidebook is the ultimate reference for bicycle touring El Camino Real. Detailed maps, grade and elevation information will help to guide you for the entire 850 miles, plus all the best sightseeing, food and accommodations.

Meredith Cherry

El Camino Real, or the King's Road, was the route that originally connected the 21 missions of Spanish California. Traveling this ancient byway is an ideal way to visit the best sights of California. Journey through the countryside and cities of California's coastline while experiencing history, tasting local cuisine, and having the adventure of a lifetime!

Visit more than just the missions! The best choices for restaurants, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts and hotels along the way are all included to make your trip comfortable and memorable.   Detailed maps side by side with suggested stops, so all the information you need is accessible at a glance.

There is perhaps no tree more American than the apple. If it had been a lesser part of our culture, there would be no such expression as American as apple pie. There would be no folk hero known as Johnny Appleseed. Maybe the mega company Apple would have been named Cherry or Pear.

In this remarkable book, you will learn how to select a new tree and nurture it to a successful harvest, and how to care for an old tree to bring it back to health and productivity, no matter where you live or how small your orchard.