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Meredith Cherry

The Centauride:

Riding for Domestic Violence Awareness

One woman. One horse. One goal: 48 states for DV Awareness 

The Centauride: Riding for DV Awareness is a four year horseback journey around the US to raise awareness and support for domestic violence victims and survivors.  Meredith Cherry and her palomino horse Apollo will travel to 48 states and countless DV centers, women’s shelters, schools and community centers to bring awareness about this “silent epidemic” and to provide hope to women dealing with the effects of DV in their own lives. 

Meredith and Apollo will be travelling on a planned route of approximately 10,000 miles.  This will be the 1st ride to all 48 states to be made by a woman (two similar rides were successfully completed by men in early 1900’s).  They began on January 1, 2017 and expect to complete the ride in 2020.  Their extensive preparations included training, fitness, planning, and otherwise working to be prepared for a horseback ride that will take as long as earning a college degree, over a route of 4 times the coast-to-coast distance.

Meredith has been riding horses for 20 years, and has a B.S. in Equine Science from Colorado State University.  She is a DV survivor.  Her experiences working as a wrangler in the Colorado Rockies and horse trekking in India should help her be prepared for the challenges and conditions she and Apollo will be facing on this journey.

Apollo is a 9 year old Peruvian Paso-Mustang palomino gelding.  He is extremely clever and has the spirit, stamina and smarts needed to travel this great distance.

Learn more and follow their journey at www.centauride.org



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