Apple: The Complete Guide to Organic Success in Your Backyard

There is perhaps no tree more American than the apple. If it had been a lesser part of our culture, there would be no such expression as American as apple pie. There would be no folk hero known as Johnny Appleseed. Maybe the mega company Apple would have been named Cherry or Pear.

Apples are unique among fruit bearing trees in their adaptability to thrive in nearly every climate and landscape. Whether you live in the far north where summers are short and winters are cold, the hot deserts of the southwest, or anywhere in between, there is probably an apple tree growing not too far away.

In this remarkable book, you will learn how to select a new tree and nurture it to a successful harvest, and how to care for an old tree to bring it back to health and productivity, no matter where you live or how small your orchard.  Even the most challenging chores and problems, such as fixing wormy apples or pruning, are described in easy-to-follow steps and with in-depth science to help you to a successful harvest in your own yard.