Reiki & Animal Massage


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Meredith first learned about Reiki and integrating it with equine massage during her 3-year journey with Apollo (see The Centauride for details). In order to keep him happy and healthy through all those miles, she first studied Equine Massage and got her certificate as a practitioner. She then began practicing Reiki, achieving the level of Usui Reiki Master in 2022. 

After her journey with Apollo ended in 2020, she began offering massage services to stables near her northern California home. She also began hosting online animal reiki mini-classes for those wishing to learn how to share this wonderful healing energy with their dogs, cats, and horses.  Her own animal friends helped her to develop a new method of energetic body work called Intuitive Animal Massage, which combines traditional massage with the power of Reiki and can also incorporate other healing modalities and tools as each client requires, such as essential oils, crystals, etc.

Her practice has now grown to include:

* classes and workshops for those wishing to learn Reiki or Intuitive Animal Massage

* Reiki sessions for humans and their animals

* Intuitive Animal Massage sessions for any non-human species

For information on these services, please contact Meredith by emailing her at