Have Horse Will Travel

Have Horse Will Travel:

A Collection of Short Stories 
from Apollo & Meredith's
Adventures Across America

On a rainy New Years Day, I embarked on an adventure unlike any other.  With just the belongings that fit behind my saddle, I mounted my horse Apollo and rode away from everything I knew and loved to explore America by horseback.  

The next four years would bring me to over 10,000 miles of roads and towns that I had never visited before and where I knew nobody.  I would ride through all kinds of weather, in the mountains and across the plains, with near constant pain from the sheer level of exertion necessary to travel in the saddle, and as often on my own feet, day after day after day.  I would only reach my goal of riding to all 48 contiguous states by the tenacity to keep going, the kindness of strangers, and a whole lot of luck.

These collections of short stories and regional recipes tells but a small part of the many adventures Apollo and I experienced on our journey.  The following collections are currently available in both paperback and e-book formats by clicking on their respective "buy now" links (doing so will redirect you to Amazon):

The First Part: Pacific

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The Second Part: Mountains

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The Third Part: Heartland

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The Fourth Part: Great Lakes